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Make Your Own Family Artifacts for Future Generations

Do you remember when you were a child and you found time capsules to be so interesting? I know I did. I can remember looking at a time capsule filled with artifacts from several decades prior to that time and I just sat and stared in awe of what was inside.

The artifacts in the time capsule were things like magazines, newspapers, photographs and records dating back to the time when the time capsule was buried underground for unearthing years later.

Now, if you have kids, think about how much fun it would be for them if you created a time capsule with things that will be considered artifacts when the capsule is opened in fifty years. You can make it into a fun game where your kids can brainstorm ideas of what they would want to include in the time capsule that would be good artifacts and examples of this day in age and a representation of your family.

They will probably come up with a ton of crazy ideas. However, let them figure out what they would like to include and then whittle the list down from there. Some ideas for artifacts include a current model cell phone, an mp3 player, some photographs, newspapers and magazines from the current month and possibly some candy that people can look at and compare to the candy in
the future.

The fun will come when your kids will help formulate what you will put in the time capsule and then you can watch the excitement in their faces when you prepare to bury the time capsule and then cover it for release in 50 years. Be sure to record it somewhere so your children or their children will be able to open it at that time to take a look and compare what has evolved between now and  then.

This can turn in to a fun and educational game for your children that they will no doubt remember for the rest of their lives. They could even do a demonstration of it in their classrooms and maybe inspire other children to pursue time capsules full of family artifacts of their very own.

It will also be fun doing it together. There are so few activities anymore where kids and their parents can really get into it and do it together all while having fun at the same time. Your kids grow up so fast that it is important to take the time to help them grow and learn while spending as much quality time with them as you can.

Before you and your children know it, they will be grown up and have children of their own. Seize opportunities to create lasting bonds that will last more than a lifetime. When they open the time capsules, they will no doubt remember the good times you had together and your work as a parent will be done. Then hopefully they will carry on the tradition with their own kids and grandkids.


How to Establish an Advertising Marketing Plan

Many business owners are searching the internet to find information that deals with an advertising marketing plan. In reality, advertising and marketing are two different animals, although closely related. Marketing refers to the whole product service mix which includes those famous four “P”s: Price, Place, Product and Promotion. Advertising is just a part of the mix and of course, it fits within the Promotion aspect of marketing.

Within the marketing scheme, you need to establish a price-point for your product or service. You also need to set up a channel through which you will offer your product/service (this is the Place part of the mix). The product or service itself is a vital part of the mix. . .and then we get to Promotion which includes advertising.

In today’s internet economy, you can actually do certain forms of advertising which are free. Some of these advertising options include online classified advertising like CraigsList or US FreeAds. Perhaps one of the most effective free “soft advertising” methods makes use of the many social media sites that are now available. The key word in this type of promotion is “social”. In order to be effective, you need to stick to the social etiquette that is required. No spamming or hypey activity is allowed.

coming up with a solid advertising marketing plan will most likely take some trial and error. But there are some tips that can help you get going.

The most important is to understand who you are advertising to–in other words, know your target market. And know it very well. A thorough understanding of this will make your plan much more successful. Getting it wrong will set you up for failure. This will require quite a bit of research which cannot be skimped on.

Next, set your goals. Identify what you want to get in return for your advertising (recognition, sales, brand identity, etc) and set specific short-, mid- and long-term objectives.

Then you will want to do some brainstorming to come up with the actual advertisements. Create a rough draft. This is just the start. It will most likely be revised over and over again as you figure out what is doing well and what isn’t.

Which brings us to tracking, testing and tweaking. You need to have tangible results with every ad that you place. This is harder to do with magazine, television, newspaper or radio advertising. But online advertising very much lends to tracking. Analyze your results and make necessary changes. Sometimes just one word can make all the difference in advertisement conversions.

Research advertising agencies to find who you will work with best. If possible, go for those who are specifically expert in advertising your business niche.

Using the correct advertising marketing plan is a process. Taking action and getting help from professionals can help you get started.

Will You Find The Cheapest Auto Insurance

Considering that auto insurance is one of those expenses which do not provide immediate benefits, we often wonder why we need the coverage. Of course, that is until something happens and we are grateful for that insurance policy which we had been moaning about previously. However, that doesn’t mean insurance costs shouldn’t be managed which means looking for the cheapest auto insurance and managing risk to make sure those premiums don’t hit the roof.

Finding the cheapest auto insurance can often be a matter of simply shopping around but there are also certain steps you can take to make sure your car insurance costs are as low as possible. You need to consider your insurance costs even before you buy your car as there are certain makes and models that are much cheaper to insure than others.

Research the Cheapest Auto Insurance

When buying any insurance policy, don’t go to the first insurance company you find and buy without researching all the other options available. You will need to get quotes from at least three different companies and you may be surprised how much prices differ from one company to the next.

However, when researching the cheapest auto insurance you also need to look into the financial stability of the company you will be buying from. After all, you are buying insurance to protect yourself financially and not dig yourself into a deeper whole by going on cost alone.

Effect of Deductibles on Insurance Costs

Another way to make sure you will be getting the cheapest auto insurance is by asking for higher deductibles. The latter represent the amount of money you will pay yourself before your insurance takes over. A higher deductible can save you as much as 30 percent on collision and comprehensive coverage, or even more, depending on how high you go. For example, a $1,000 deductible can cut your insurance costs by more than 40 percent.

Credit Scores

Your credit record seems to have an increasingly important role in your life and now extends to your insurance as well. More and more insurance companies are relying on credit scores to determine the degree of risk you present and pricing their policies accordingly. It seems that, statistically, people with lower credit scores tend to file a larger number of claims and thus present a higher risk to the insurer.

Older Cars

The older the vehicle, the lower its value will be and often comprehensive and collision coverage are not justified. If the value of the car is less than ten times the premium then the coverage probably doesn’t make sense. So, to make sure you get the cheapest auto insurance drop comprehensive and collision coverage on your older vehicles.

Volume Discount

The cheapest auto insurance may not necessarily be from the lowest offer but could be the result of a volume discount. There are certain insurance companies that will offer a significant discount on group insurance which usually means buying through your employer, business groups or other associations. Also, consider asking if you get a discount by purchasing all of your insurance from the same company, including your homeowner’s insurance and health insurance.

Affiliate Marketing Guide Down And Dirty

For anyone who has, or wants to have, and affiliate marketing business it’s important to realize that like any other type of business you will need to learn how to do it. Affiliate marketing is an easy business to learn, but it will still take a little time and effort if you truly want to be successful. This article can be your affiliate marketing guide and can help you get started on an exciting new career.

Sometimes when something is too easy people tend to take it for granted and not take it seriously. I’ve seen this happen to many would be affiliate marketers. In order to be successful you can never treat your business like a hobby. If you learn your trade and work at it consistently you can make virtually unlimited income.
The biggest focus of your affiliate marketing business will be to get a steady stream of qualified visitors to your website. There are many methods you can use to do this, some of them are free and others cost money…some times a lot of money. The key thing to remember is that you want qualified visitors. What does that mean? It means people who are actively looking for the product or service that you are offering and are ready to buy. You don’t just want to attract a lot of ‘tire kickers’.

In order to get qualified visitors there are specific things you can do to attract them. For one thing, if you are using article marketing ( a method where you submit an article that offers valuable information about the product you’re promoting to be published by an article directory) than you know that anyone who is clicking on and reading your article is obviously interested in your product or service.

When you are using Pay Per Click or PPC ( a method where you place an ad on a search engine targeting a specific keyword and you pay when someone clicks on your ad and is taken to your website) than you want to make your ad as specific as possible. For example, if you are selling T.V. ‘s don’t place a generic ad that says “T.V’s for sale”. That’s way too general and you’ll get a lot of people who are just looking.

If, on the other hand, your ad is very specific like: “Sony 52″ High Def, Flat Panel T.V’s For Sale” then you will get more people who have narrowed down their search, know exactly what they are looking for and are ready to buy.

Getting qualified visitors to your website is part one. Part two is to turn as many visitors into customers as you can. One great way to do that is to have an email list that they can sign up to. Offer them something of value such as a free report if they sign up to your list.

Then your autoresponder service ( a service that will automatically send out emails over whatever period of time you choose. You just write the emails, pre- load them into the autoresponder, determine how often they should go out and anyone who signs up to your list will receive the emails one at a time starting with number one and going all the way through the series) will help you build a relationship and trust with the people on your list.

Just make sure that when you send your emails you don’t just send one sales pitch after another. If you do that people will un-subscribe from your list. Instead, offer them valuable tips and add a P.S. explaining the benefits of your product or service.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic career. To get started use the information in this affiliate marketing guide and continue to expand your knowledge.

Dealer Leasing Tricks

Too often when it comes to auto-leasing, people get so dazzled by the
myriad terms and the jargon thrown their way that they end-up paying
through the nose, relying on a dealer’s “help” than their own informed

Here is a look at some of the tricks dealers use to pad their profits and
leave the customers shelling hundreds of dollars more than the deal should
be worth.

Trick 1: Leasing always a better deal than buying

Dealers use the lure of lower-monthly payments to entice customers to sign
for long-term loans, with terms stretching for five years or more, making
the payments even lower. There are two catches with such lengthy contracts:
higher mileage, exceeding the prescribed limit, and hefty repair costs.
leases charging on average 10 to 20 cents a mile for any extra mile over
the agreed amount in the contract, and warranties only covering three
years, you leave yourself wide open for hefty charges for excessive
mileage and wear and tear.

Trick 2: Cheap 2-3% APR rate on your lease

The dealer is not quoting the interest rate you would be paying on your
lease; he’s rather giving you the lease money factor. Whilst similar to an
interest rate and important in determining your monthly payment, a more
accurate rate is calculated by multiplying the money factor by 24. For
example a “cheap” 3% money factor is 24 X 0.003 = 7.2%. This gives you a
better sense of what your annual interest rate on your lease contract is.

Trick 3: Stress-free early lease termination

Dealers know consumer driving needs change and they would like to have the
option of getting out of a lease commitment sometime down the road, before
their lease ends. Truth of the matter is, when you sign for a lease, you
are effectively saddled with monthly payments for the remainder of the
lease term and there is little-choice of getting out early. Lease contracts
carry hefty financial penalties for either defaulting on monthly payments
or terminating the lease earlier than the scheduled term.

To avoid being on the receiving end of such tried-and-true tricks, educate
yourself about leasing. Get down to the nitty-gritty and understand what
the leasing terms used by dealers mean. Crunch the numbers along with him
and understand how they arrived at the monthly payment figure. Don’t sign
anything until you’ve understood all the terms and your numbers much those
of the dealer. Do not let the dealer pressure you into signing; you are the
one to determine whether the agreement is right for you.

Top 7 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

There are a lot of different questions that you could ask your boyfriend when you feel that your relationship is starting to get serious. There are also questions that you may want to ask your boyfriend before your relationship hits a more serious stage. It can be hard to differentiate between important questions and unimportant questions when looking at a ز101 questions to ask a boyfriendس list. These are the top 7 101 questions to ask your boyfriend.

Is This Long Term?

One of the first things that you should ask a boyfriend is the “seriousness” question. This question will simply help you to understand your boyfriends thoughts on the seriousness of the relationship. If they arenصt looking for someone long term, you may want to move on.

What Are Your Thoughts on Kids?

You don’t need to break up with someone over their thoughts on kids if you do not plan on having any in the next few years. Asking this question will help you to understand where they are at in life, and if their child goals are the same as yours.

What Are Our Sexual Boundaries?

If you are starting to date someone, you need to ask them about sex. Ask them about sex boundaries to ensure that you do not offend them, or try to take things too far.

What Are Your Thoughts on Exercise?

This simple question can give you insight into the health habits of someone that you are starting to date. While they may not work out regularly, they may wish that they would. Someone who is like-minded about these health habits will be a better match for you in the long run.

What Do You Like about Me?

Everyone wants to feel a little ego-boost sometimes. Ask your boyfriend what they like about you. It will help you to understand what they see in you, but it will also act as a simple and selfish ego boost.

What is your Definition of Love?

A lot of people will tell someone that they love them without telling them what it means. Everyone’s definition of love is different; ask your boyfriend what their definition is.

Are You Willing to Work for It?

You will want to know that your boyfriend understands the work involved in a long-term relationship. There will be issues, and there will be bumps in the road. Are they willing to work for love?

All of these questions have important meanings, and important answers. Pay attention to more than just the direct answer of your boyfriend. Take into account their meaning behind the answer, and how their past may affect their answer. Their answers will help you to understand how compatible you are, and what to expect in the future. Don’t bombard the person you like with the 101 questions to ask your boyfriend. Simply ask these 7 seven questions to get a better feel for where they are at in life, and in your relationship.

Affiliate Marketing Online Program

If you’re considering starting your own business and you think that an affiliate marketing online program is the best way for you to go, this article is for you. Affiliate marketing is by far one of the best ways to make money from home, online. It’s easy to start, you can make money fairly quickly and you don’t need much money to get started.

That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s all pie in the sky. There are some cold hard facts you have to be aware of first if you really want to succeed:

1. Every time you open your email you are most likely bombarded with a variety of offers for a great ‘sure thing’ online business. Even though building a business online is easy and quick, especially compared to an off line business, that doesn’t mean it will happen overnight. So many people give up on their online business because they started out with unrealistic expectations and when things didn’t work out as quickly as they thought they would, they give up.

Do not jump from one ‘sure thing’ to the next. If you do that you will never make any money online. You will, however, spend a lot of money on all of these ‘sure things’. Find one program that you like, learn all you can about it and stick with it. Be prepared that you may not make any money at all for a few months since it will take time to generate enough traffic to your website. But if you’re willing to hang in there you can start really making big money and it will only continue to grow.

2. For most people it will make sense to promote several different products. Think about it, if you have one website where you sell one product and you make a commission of $20 for each product you sell…you will need to sell a lot of products to make a good living. If, on the other hand, you have 10 websites and you make $20 for each product you sell on each website, you can sell just one product a day on each site and be making a lot of money!

3. Don’t think that all you have to do is put up a website and collect your checks. You will need to learn internet marketing techniques. Even if you only learn one or two you can get all the traffic you need, and learn to convert the traffic you get into paying customers. Some internet marketing techniques are easy to learn and others will take quite a bit of time. How much you decide to learn will be entirely up to you. Just make sure you don’t spend all of your time learning and none of your time doing.

Joining an affiliate marketing online program is one of the best ways for you to make a real online income. The sky really is the limit, just make sure that you take your business seriously and spend the time you need in order to make money online. There really aren’t any shortcuts.

Knowledge Is Power When You Buy Insurance

The one mistake you do not want to make when you buy insurance for your car or your home or anything else is to presume that insurance companies are on your side. They are interested in one thing and that certainly has nothing to do with you or your financial health.

Insurance companies are not charities and they will do everything the can to make sure their profits are as high as possible, including withholding valuable information. So what are some of the things insurance companies would prefer you not to be aware of?

Read on to find out.

A Good Insurance Policy

The question you should ask yourself when an agent tells you that the policy they are offering you is a good one is whom it is actually good for: you or the agent. You need to remember that agents sell insurance for a profit and they often get additional commissions from insurers to focus on selling their insurance policies over other competing ones.

Additionally, they are offered higher commissions for signing on customers that are low risk, meaning that the premiums they pay out are larger than their claims. As long as you are aware that the agent will put their own interests before yours, then you will find it easier to buy insurance that is good for you rather than the agent.

How Premiums Are Calculated

Even though all insurers use the basic risk factors when they calculate your premiums, such as where you live, your age, driving record, credit history and home ownership, there are many other variables added into the mix which are not revealed. Additionally, every insurer uses different formulas to calculate these risks and you are left in the dark. A report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners shows that insurance rates can vary from $600 to $1,300 for the same policy, depending on the State you live in.

Diminished Value

Once you have been involved in an accident, the value of your car drops significantly, even if it has been repaired and runs like new, irrespective of the quality of parts used. However, what most insurers don’t tell you is that you can actually collect the difference, which is referred to as the diminished value, an important factor you need to remember when you buy insurance.

Remember though that not all insurers will allow you to collect this amount, especially if they covered the cost of repairs. However, you can still benefit by writing it off against your taxes which is why it is a good idea to employ an inspector to verify whether or not the work was done properly and to evaluate the loss.

Your Mechanic?

If you are under the impression that the repair service is working for you then you may be laboring under a serious misconception that can cost you a pretty penny and maybe even your safety. An increasing number of insurance companies have established partnerships with repair centers which are on their list of “approved” mechanics. As this is quite a lucrative deal for the repair center they are quite willing to cut corners to keep the repair costs down to keep the insurer happy. There is no clear cut evidence that this does happen but the risk is too great to ignore.

These are only a few of the things that insurers keep from you which can affect the carrier you decide to buy insurance from.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do about some of them but since knowledge is power you can at least ask the right questions and not follow what the agent tells you blindly.

Anger Management Tips to use in Stressful Situations

When an individual is dealing with anger issues, usually their emotions evolve when put in stressful situations. If a difficult incident pops up, often their only way to cope with it is to put up their defensive side. Becoming angry is probably easier than dealing with the circumstances. This is unfortunate since anger doesn’t solve anything. Once it subsides, the problem is still there.

There are anger management tips which people can used when found in stressful situations. If there is a friend or family member who is easy to talk to and understanding, it might be good to talk to them. When an individual becomes angry they are incapable of seeing the other side of the problem. Talking to someone may help them by sharing their side of the story. The friend or family member may be able to help them sort through their issues and make them look at the situation from the other side. This anger management tip may work well for some people.

Another great anger management tip is to write down thoughts and feelings during a fit of anger. The angry individual may feel as if nobody understands or cares about their problems. Sharing may only cause extra conflict. Lashing out will get them nowhere. Writing or journaling may help people with anger issues. Without anyone to talk back or object to what they have to say, it may be help to get their feelings off their chest. Using writing as an anger management tip may also help in the future when trying to find the triggers which cause the angry outbursts. Being able to look back over the information written may provide the person with reasons for their anger through reading about similar incidents.

Taking a vacation, spending some alone time is another good anger management tip. Removing oneself from the environment which seems to frustrate and irritate them may be a wise idea. Being able to get away and reflect on their actions may help an individual to look at things differently. Given space and time may be positive for a person with anger issues.

Some people suggest prayer and meditation as anger management tips. Both of these suggestions involve very personal practices for an individual. Given a chance to pray and be alone with one’s thoughts is a good way to release tension and let the pressures of life wash away. Letting go of feelings of anger and negative thoughts would definitely make a positive change in a person’s life. Through prayer and meditation a person is able to dig deep into their minds and souls for answers to their problems and comfort for their broken spirits.

There are lots of anger management tips which people can practice when the going gets tough. Tips such as breathe deeply, exercise, get more rest, get out in nature, find humor in the situation and play or listen to music. These are all recommended as anger management tips for the person who finds themselves in stressful and confrontational situations.

Stop Smoking Through Meditation

Both self-help groups and clinics offer the quit smoking support programs. Most of these programs are run by professionals and can be customized to meet your needs. You can either attend an intensive quit smoking support program that runs for a week to fifteen days or enroll yourself for weekly sessions.The popularity of the quit smoking support programs is mainly due to the extensive counseling that they provide to smokers. They teach you to deal with withdrawal symptoms. Meditation can help.

They also provide you support and guidance at every step by understanding your problems. You can talk with the counselors even after you have finished the program. This can help prevent a relapse.Besides counseling, most quit smoking support programs also prescribe nicotine replacement therapy or NRT. Some also suggest medication like Zyban. Meditation is that experience where one’s consciousness becomes engrossed and merged with the object of meditation. You can also choose from alternative treatments like hypnosis procedures, acupressure and meditation though these are often not very successful. Do what works best to help you to stop smoking, that is what is so very important.

Zyban creates a false feeling of pleasure in the person, a feeling that is similar to the one experienced while smoking. This drug should be taken strictly under medical supervision. It has a few side effects associated with it, and should be avoided by people suffering from heart disease, epilepsy and pregnant women.Beginning with the toes on your left foot, tense the muscles in those toes for a count of three, then slowly release the tension in the toes, and feel a calm return to the toe area. You need support during this difficult time so please talk with someone about it who can provide you with that help.

Do the same with the toes on the right foot.Since the chances of a relapse are very high, most quit smoking support programs have a 24-hour help line service where counselors listen to queries and provide solutions. At the end of a program the smokers are given listening and reading material to reinforce their resolve to quit smoking.Quit smoking support can also be extended by friends and family members. They can play a big role in keeping their friend or relative occupied. They can also help in preventing relapse by urging the smokers to return to the quit smoking support program if the need arises.

The advantage with NRT is that it reduces your craving for nicotine. You can use NRT in the form of gums, patches, sprays and inhalers. Though gums and patches are available over the counter other forms of NRT can be taken only under medical supervision. They reduce your nicotine dependency by releasing a small quantity of nicotine into the body. The dosage can be regulated to control the withdrawal symptoms, and stopped completely once your urge to smoke disappears.Meditation can help.Good luck on your way to a new fresh non smoking world, you are really going to love it.