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Build Your Own Electric Car


This product is offered by a Les and Jane who have been living “off grid” for the past 15 years. They drive their own homemade electric car and use solar and wind energy to run their house.

carlos-xuma-official-site-button22Their book reveals the method that they used to convert their car to run on electricity at a cost that they, as regular people, could afford. The cost of the whole process is a few hundred dollars. And they will also show you how to complete a 100 miles with one charging.

You will learn in a step-by-step the method of converting your car to electric power and how to reduce the money that you pay for fuel to nearly zero.

This method is not only an effective way to get great mileage for less, but it also helps the environment. The use of fuel increases the amount of harmful gases in the environment which has a negative affect on the overall environment and particularly on the local environment. By adapting to this method of running your vehicle you are also doing a favor to our environment.

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You will be pleased to learn that the IRS gives refunds to people who are using environmentally friendly methods of living. In this book you will learn how to benefit from this as well.

In the book you will learn how to replace the expensive batteries that you have to buy for running your car on electricity. You can keep a whole bank of used batteries in great shape for years.

The car speed is something that you may be concerned about because without speed there’s no point in wasting money on such methods. The authors say that your electric powered car will easily achieve freeway speeds. This means that in terms of performance there will be no issues at all.

For the couple, however, this electric vehicle conversion is only part of what has been a 15 year journey to find the ultimate way to maintain a normal lifestyle and live green at the same time.

The price of the book “Build Your Own Electric Car” is $19.97 dollars. There is also “The Going Green Value Pack” on offer, which includes “Build Your Own Electric Car” + 4 other books each with information on different methods (solar panels, wind generators and bio diesel production )of using “green” energy . With this package you will be able to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is available for $49.97. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in case you don’t find the information useful.


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Make Your Own Family Artifacts for Future Generations

Do you remember when you were a child and you found time capsules to be so interesting? I know I did. I can remember looking at a time capsule filled with artifacts from several decades prior to that time and I just sat and stared in awe of what was inside.

The artifacts in the time capsule were things like magazines, newspapers, photographs and records dating back to the time when the time capsule was buried underground for unearthing years later.

Now, if you have kids, think about how much fun it would be for them if you created a time capsule with things that will be considered artifacts when the capsule is opened in fifty years. You can make it into a fun game where your kids can brainstorm ideas of what they would want to include in the time capsule that would be good artifacts and examples of this day in age and a representation of your family.

They will probably come up with a ton of crazy ideas. However, let them figure out what they would like to include and then whittle the list down from there. Some ideas for artifacts include a current model cell phone, an mp3 player, some photographs, newspapers and magazines from the current month and possibly some candy that people can look at and compare to the candy in
the future.

The fun will come when your kids will help formulate what you will put in the time capsule and then you can watch the excitement in their faces when you prepare to bury the time capsule and then cover it for release in 50 years. Be sure to record it somewhere so your children or their children will be able to open it at that time to take a look and compare what has evolved between now and  then.

This can turn in to a fun and educational game for your children that they will no doubt remember for the rest of their lives. They could even do a demonstration of it in their classrooms and maybe inspire other children to pursue time capsules full of family artifacts of their very own.

It will also be fun doing it together. There are so few activities anymore where kids and their parents can really get into it and do it together all while having fun at the same time. Your kids grow up so fast that it is important to take the time to help them grow and learn while spending as much quality time with them as you can.

Before you and your children know it, they will be grown up and have children of their own. Seize opportunities to create lasting bonds that will last more than a lifetime. When they open the time capsules, they will no doubt remember the good times you had together and your work as a parent will be done. Then hopefully they will carry on the tradition with their own kids and grandkids.

Link Building 101 – The Basics on Building Links

Consider this your Link Building 101 article about what link building is and the basics on how to do it. When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), obtaining incoming links still plays one of the most important roles. Links from other sites to your site(s) represent one way for the search engines to determine that your information is reputable and trustworthy. If others are linking to your site, then it must be good, right?

So, how can you build good links to your own site? There are literally hundreds of ways to do this. But it all starts with quality. Whatever information or services you are offering on your website must be valuable to visitors. This will insure that you gain links organically because of your great content as you use other techniques to push the linking along a little bit. And quality includes being grammatically correct as well. One of the easiest ways to diminish your credibility is to fill up your site with spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. If you aren’t all that brushed up on your grammar, get the help of someone who is.

Make your site personal if it fits the look and feel you want to acheive. Most people like to know who they are dealing with, even if it’s on the web. It helps to put a picture and a relatively descriptive “About” or “Bio” page in your content.

Write some content with specific numbers in the titles like “10 quick ways to. . .”, “20 tips on . . .”. People love this kind of information and lists like these are great resources to link to from other types of articles.

Make a list of experts in your field. If you create a list and explanation along with each one, these people might actually link over to you from their well-establshed sites.

Use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This is great way to get very targeted links to your site. You choose what you want them to be because you choose the keywords that you are advertising.

Another tried and trued method of link building 101 is to submit your site to the web directories that allow free submissions. Of course you can submit your site to paid directories as well but again, you need to make sure that they are of high quality and updated.

And here are some of the easiest ways to get links to your website. Ask and answer questions on Yahoo Answers or Google Groups or post a free ad on Craigslist. Your comment will link to your website or blog. These are all free and all fairly quick and easy.

Be social. By commenting on other people’s blogs or websites, you get more attention drawn to your own.

One of the main things to avoid when building your links is spam. Don’t be over-promotional or over-self-centered in any of your strategies. This will only backfire.

Hopefully this Link Building 101 has served you as an introduction to getting more links to your site.

A basic introduction to trading mindset

Many people talk about the wonders of trading and how it can be best approached, but knowing how to establish and identify your entry signals can mean a lot to setting the right path to trading, therefore, a basic introduction to trading must be in order.

The primary goal to trading is for profit, since the penultimate goal for it is to sell for a profit. But do take note that trading is like gambling, where one cannot determine or tell what exact market forces are at play and what it can ultimately do to spell your trading choices.

Self determination is another key to your trading success. No one will tell you what to do next, you have to plan for yourself, expecially since there are no hard and fast rules for this career.

Other people may tell you what to do, and they could be right for a time, but do try to consider that the point is that the market fluctuates, and trading is about watching the market, analyzing it, and acting on your own.

Understand and manager your opportunities and risks.

All those people grabbing opportunities mean that the really good ones go away.
The random opportunity that most likely pops up in a trader’s life is a crisis in supply. Something has interrupted the normal flow of supply and demand, dramatically raising the price and this is a temporary chance.

Others will also be jumping on opportunities the same as you do. These may be the regular suppliers, those with surplus stock or another trader with a source elsewhere.

Wisely judge the risk and make your move.

Scamming is a career for some, so always be wary of people offering cutthroat deals or tempting offers. Thoroughly read the conditions of a contract, count zeros, and just be aware of every possible fine print on documents before signing.

Gambling to win means not letting the house make the rules. The difference between luck and success lies in the amount of risk managed. Sometimes you could get lucky and at other times not, so risk analysis and management lie at the heart of any method that can be termed reliable.

Setbacks happen and this is a risk in trading, where there are casualties and losses.  Play at the stakes and risk levels you can afford, don’t lay down all your cards and have nothing left to pick up on. Make every effort to know the market. This will help a lot in determining how you could establish the ins and outs of the market you are in.

Every trader needs to know his territory,and those item markets he is interested in

Trading is a world of compound interest, challenges and opportunities. One can invest in buying and selling more items in a single item market, you can pick up when you fell there is a slack on one item or you can diversify into other types of items.

The nature of the market is purposeful chaos. This is so because the market is the aggregate actions of thousands of people, therefore it cannot be trusted. It will change on you at the flick of a finger, void plans, erase profits, render prior knowledge obsolete or even render you penniless if you don’t play your cards right.Patterns change, so don’t just rely on it totally. As what the previous point indicates, one day it could be favorable for you, but that can change the next day, even the next hour or so. So this is a basic introduction to a trading mindset and this can help you be on your way to more profitable gains and calculated risks.

Use Your Skills to Help Others… Teach Continuing Education


Some people say you are a smart-alek. Other people swear by your knowledge and continually ask you to share your knowledge.
You like teaching and helping others, so why not let them in on what you know?

You never really did have an interest in becoming a teacher, but as you get older and older and your knowledge in your
chosen field continues to grow, you are starting to feel the need to teach others about what you know and how they can
become experts in the field like you are.

No matter what your field, your knowledge can be important to others who want to know more about it. But you do not have to
start teaching college courses or go back to school to earn a teaching certificate to start sharing what you know with others.
Instead, look into teaching some continuing education courses to share your wealth of knowledge with others. Continuing
education courses are a great way for teachers to share what they know with students who are generally interested in the
subject matter.

College and universities that offer continuing education programs are also eager to have you! They are constantly looking
for people to teach about popular topics and even some not-so-popular ones. What they want to see if that you are enthusiastic
about your subject matter and that you really know what you are talking about.

You do not necessarily have to have an advanced degree to teach continuing education courses. Instead, the best thing to
have is experience and respect in the industry. Examples of professions that are constantly in demand for continuing
education courses are things like art, photography, fashion design and writing.

You will have to commit to teaching the class for an extended period of time in order to be hired for a teaching position.
You will also have to come up with lesson plans to show to the continuing education coordinator before the class starts so
they will know you are serious about the class and teaching others about what you know.

So how can you find out about opportunities? The best way is to find out where continuing education courses are held in
your community and ask if your services could be used in an upcoming course. If so, ask them how you could go about starting
a class of your own. Most coordinators will be delighted to have you. If they are not delighted, simply move on and find a
program that is interested in your unique skill set.

Do not keep your knowledge to yourself. Teach it to others in a continuing education course and help those students learn
more and become a better person in the field, just like you. They will get the satisfaction from having the knowledge and
you will feel good about helping people learn about themselves and the subject matter you love so dearly. There really is
no better feeling than helping someone learn something they did not know before.

Advantages Of Futures Trading

Futures trading offers a good opportunity for other people to invest in. trading in futures contracts offers people the unique opportunity to invest in something other than stocks. Although sometimes they also operate in the same manner, futures trading presents a different method of earning revenues for the amount invested on it.

There are certain advantages that futures trading offers to interested investors. One of them is that such instruments are considered highly leveraged investments. In order for an investor to own a futures contract, he only needs to invest a small fraction of the value of the contract. Most investors only invest about ten percent of the contract’s value in exchange for trading them. This way, investors may be able to trade larger amounts of commodities than if he ever bought the commodities outright.

If he predicted the movement of the prices of the commodities traded correctly, the investor has a great chance of profiting ten-fold for an initial investment of ten percent of the actual futures contract’s value. That is how leverage works to the advantage of the investor in futures trading.

Another advantage of futures trading is that it is basically a paper investment. Although futures trading involves certain commodities, the investor doesn’t have to worry about how to take care of the produce himself. Trading is done with the futures contract changing hands instead of the commodity itself. This makes it quite convenient since the investor doesn’t have to worry about where to store and keep the commodities being traded for the meantime.

Another advantage of futures trading is that futures trading is that the futures contracts being traded are considered very liquid. This means that there are huge amounts of contracts being traded in the market on a daily basis. Orders can be placed quickly and they can be bought or sold in a similar fashion. There are always quite a number of available buyers and sellers for the futures contracts, whatever commodity it might be.

One good thing about the futures trading market is that it enjoys fairer trading as compared with stock and share trading. Trading in the futures exchange can be very vocal as trading is done in the midst of shouting of “Buy!” or “Sell!”. Another thing is that it is more difficult to get insider information in futures trading that seems to be a big problem in the price manipulation in stock trading.

Commissions on futures markets tend to be smaller as compared to other trading markets. The commissions are usually paid after the position has ended. Depending on the level of service, the commissions for brokers can be as low as five dollars to as high as two hundred per transaction.

For an investor, it may be quicker to make money on futures trading. Aside from the leverage provided by futures, the markets tend to move more quickly as compared to cash markets. But this can also work against the investor since the quick pace of the market can also lead to quick losses for the investor for incorrect predictions on their positions.

Home Fitness Equipment: Maximize Its Use


It is not surprising that many individuals are now trying to lose weight and shed off extra calories. The previous holidays have put many in a disadvantage now as far as physical look and health are concerned because of the too-hard to resist delicious platters of holiday foods and glasses of caloric drinks.

So for the New Year’s resolution, it is more likely that most people are including diet and fitness program in the list. Due to the demand, this means many are enrolling in gym fitness centers while others are making a trip to fitness stores to get home fitness equipment.

To many, choosing to buy home fitness equipment is more enticing than enrolling in a gym center. It is a better choice indeed to many people who have difficulty juggling time between work and workout. It is also most ideal to people who just can’t enroll in an exercise program particularly because the local gym center is out of the way or far from the house.

On the other hand, it also has a disadvantage. Just like most people ending up not going to the gym often after signing up due to many inconveniences, having exercise equipment at home for a self-workout regimen poses the same problem. Many acquire expensive equipment only to end up not using it at all. The machine just gets stored and collects dust pile, which is a shame because it should have been more of an advantage to you that’s why you bought it in the first place.

To avoid yourself from ending up in the same dilemma, check some pointers below to help maximize your home fitness equipment

Get the right equipment

One reason that leads most people to the situation mentioned above is due to the wrong choice of equipment. Therefore, it is important that you get the right one that answers your needs so that you can maximize its use and thus will be easier for you to achieve your goal of keeping fit all year round.

Your choice can be an elliptical trainer, stationary bike, or any cardio equipment that will not only make your heart healthy but your overall physical as well. Knowing the advantages of each of the equipment available in the market will help you decide which is the most ideal to bring home.

Position the equipment at the right area in your home.

Positioning the equipment at the right location in your home will help maximize its use. Where you position it is a factor as well that affects the frequency of its use. It must be stored where you have enough space to operate and use it, and the right ambiance and temperature so it doesn’t get uncomfortable when you are working out.

Some place exercise equipment inside the bedroom especially if it is small enough to be accommodated. This gives them the advantage since they can be easily pulled out and get used at any time of the day. But if you have a number of machines, it is more advised that you have a nice room where you can put them all in and turn it into a mini gym.

And most important of all, have your goal and discipline.

Needless to say, discipline is the best weapon you can use to avoid leaving your equipment collecting dust in the corner. It is also the best passport towards achieving the desired weight and physical fitness.

Life Coaching For Those Buried In Debt


The financial crisis has brought everything to a head. For a supposed super power the United States of America’s citizens is impoverished, and relying heavily on welfare. Every one is fighting to keep there heads above water and under a roof to call their own. Michigan’s auto industry has completely collapse. Giants are begging for a bail out to keep them afloat.

Financial Struggle

You know you’re not alone. The news about foreclosures, high credit card debts and bankruptcy is a national phenomenon. The knowledge that everyone else is down on their knees should not make you complacent, because in the first place: why are you in that situation? Granted millions of people have committed the same mistakes that you have. In the end however, you should have been keen enough to recognize that you were going under.

With everyone clamoring for help, the internet has taken advantage and a lot of people are claiming as experts in the field of credit. Unfortunately their supposed help will probably set you back even more than you already have. You do not need an expert on finances, all you need is someone to make you see within your self and realize what you did, and what is happening is your own doing and could only be undone by you.

Getting back in Financial Shape

The key to getting financial power and control back is learning how to budget. Taking time off to sit down and review the amount of money you make against your expenses is the first step to gaining financial freedom. The most basic step is often the one that’s bypassed because everyone thinks that they have great control over their spending habits. Do not leave everything into in to chance, its better to have things written down, because then you are unlikely to forget it.

Identify, and Calculate

The second step is to write the things you do in a daily basis for a period of one week. In that one week how many times did you go to the grocery? Eat out? Have a drink? Give in to the temptation and buy that perfect pair of shoes which go so well with your new hand bag and designer clothes?

Did you know that making one trip to the grocery store with a week’s list of needs and commodities will actually make you some extra money left over for savings? Going to the grocery ones a week saves you gas, time, and unnecessary spending.

As you eternalize, you will find out that you dug the hole you are in. More often than not you know that you are not supposed to buy to cute jimmy choo’s because you cant afford it and yet you still purchase the thing. The absolute realization is that impulse gets you into trouble. So what should you do?

Life Coaching Tips

The use of a life coach to straighten up financial mess is also a good idea. Life coaching makes us more aware of our selves as a person. We see the good, the bad, and the ugly all rolled into the life that we currently are leading. Life coaches burst your bubble for you to pinpoint your own weaknesses, realize your goals and take action to make your life better.

How To Be Happy As A Divorced Dad


The aftermath of divorce is not good, and surviving it is even tougher. Getting on with one’s life after a divorce is difficult but not impossible. Resilience and a sincere approach is all that’s needed to stop wallowing in loneliness and get a life!

What Moving On Means

Although dating and finding someone new is part of the moving on process, it should not be the a guy’s first priority. If the reason for the divorce is not third party on your side, then seeing someone new immediately right after the dissolution of your marriage not only reeks of desperation, but also creates another potentially problematic situation.

Moving on means being able to treat your ex in a civil manner, If she insists on being irrational and acting like a petty child then take the high road. Focus on the problem at hand like the kids. Avoid altercations about what could have been because there’s nothing you can do about it anymore. Make a clean break, start new with your ex try and be friend her.

Can You Become Friends With Your Ex?

Of course you can! Look at Demi Moore and Bruce Willis??? But Seriously … When the decision to separate is mutual or as long as there’s no cheating on either parties being friends with your ex wife again won’t be that hard. However if the reason for the break up was that you cheated on her, then she’d probably slam the door on you, and you know you deserve it. If that is the case, give her time to heal. Be nice, show or tell her that you know what you did was wrong, but don’t be too nice that she’ll think you want to get back together.

How To Show Her That You Want To Be Friends

People don’t expect you to be chummy with your ex. being in a harmonious relationship with her is important when you have kids, because no matter what other people say divorced parents can still give their children a somewhat normal way of life.

The difficult part of trying to effect a reconciliation is that it can be misconstrued as wanting to be married again. The key to dispelling this misunderstanding is communication. Show your ex that you work better together as friends than as a couple. An acknowledgement of mistakes made on both your parts will definitely make things a whole lot easier. When presented with an obstacle particularly on the issue of finances and custody learn to compromise and take a deep breath when your tempers rise.

A Few More Reminders

As you try to establish a sense of normality in your life as a family but separate individuals, you just might be able to find happiness. Focus on your children. Ask them what and how they feel, do this together with your ex.

If you and your ex are doing one of “your talks” make sure that you two are not in an intimate situation, keep the kids within earshot. Avoid romantic situations because you both might reminisce and get carried away. This will harm your progress.

Try and take to heart the reminders above. Drama is not healthy for the soul and for the heart. Think about it, did you like those lonely holidays alone in a hotel, your kids at your old house having fun?

Group Hypnosis For Smokers


Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health but there are still people who love to smoke a cigarette. If you are trying to quit and you have tried different means to do it, perhaps you need help by joining a bunch of people who will undergo group hypnosis.

Group hypnosis is hypnosis in numbers because there are a lot of you that want to change their actual behavior. This technique involves leaving your conscious mind and making the change to your subconscious mind.

In order for this technique to succeed, you must have the willingness to give it a try and also the desire to quit smoking for good.

This begins by preparing yourself for the session on your own and with the help of the specialist. How people started smoking is different for each person because some did it out of peer pressure and got hooked, others found it as a way to relieve pressure and there are those who found confidence after lighting a cigarette.

It does not matter to the specialist how it started. Such questions give that person an idea how to approach your addiction and how it can be stopped which moves to the second stage of hypnosis known as induction.

You have the option to sit down on a chair or lie down on the floor. You will then be instructed to block everything from your mind and just focus your attention on an object or the voice of the hypnotist. If you move or open your eyes, this means you are not ready to proceed further so only when everyone is at ease will the specialist move on to the next stage of group hypnosis called the deepening.

The deepening is an extension of induction. It prepares you for the hypnotic suggestions that will be implanted in your subconscious so you will quit smoking. The word to be used varies and this is repeated several times over. If the word has no profound effect, this is substituted with another one.

The last stage of group hypnosis is called termination. Here, you will wake up from the trance like nothing ever happened. Naturally, you will go home and if you lose the desire to smoke when you feel the urge, this just means that group hypnosis has worked for you.

But don’t think for one instant that group hypnosis works overnight because it takes several sessions before you can say you have finally given up smoking. This is just like how you started out this habit after you had your first cigarette and then decided to light the next.

There is no doubt that group hypnosis can help you quit smoking. This has been confirmed in various tests but you have to understand that this technique does not work for everyone.

If it fails, there are other means to try and kick this habit like nicotine patches and gum. But among the different helpful aids to quit smoking, hypnotism happens to be on the top of the list because the success rates are much higher.

Just the same if you are curious to see if group hypnosis can have a positive effect on you, go ahead because the specialist is just waiting in the clinic for someone like yourself to walk in the door and admit they need help.